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The Millionaire - Notes on overhaul

There are three schools of though regarding the disassembly of the Millionaire calculator:

The "printed pamphlet" is a 16-page booklet (200 x 135mm) titled "Directions to follow when the machine is to be taken apart". The instructions describe removal of the machine from its case, and disassembly to the point where "any mechanic will be able to take it completely apart without any further directions". The instructions are supplemented with a number of line drawings, and an insert with an illustrated listing of replaceable parts.

The notes following are intended as a similar guide to commencing disassembly for purposes of cleaning and re-lubrication.

Tools and equipment

The first instruction in the "Directions" is the most difficult: "First of all procure two good screwdrivers of about 1/8 and 1/4 inch in width and about 5 inches long". The difficulty is that modern screwdriver blades are far too thick to fit in the narrow slots of the Millionaire's hundred-year-old screws. Quality tools should be selected and ground down to be a close fit. Wear eye protection when attempting to loosen screws, and be prepared for breakages.

No other tools are needed for partial disassembly, but a full overhaul will require an ability to deal with tapered pins.

Removal - wooden case

Removal - metal case

Removing the control panels

Removing the carriage

Disassembling the carriage

Points to watch

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