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Calculator Prices

This page shows a few references to the original prices of mechanical and early electronic calculators in Australia.

One pound (£1-0-0) became two dollars ($2.00) when Australia changed to decimal currency in February 1966.

One Australian dollar was equivalent to about US$1.10 from the 1950s until the 1980s. In recent years it has ranged from US$0.45 to US$1.08.

Mechanical calculators Price Year Source
Comptometer (Bell Punch) Model 9B, single register, manual £277-10-0 1965 Sales quotation.
Contex half-keyboard adding machine £23-10-0 1956 Original invoice.
Contex carry case £2-15-0 1956 Annotated brochure.
Contex half-keyboard adding machine £24-15-0 c.1960 Price ticket on machine.
Contex 10-key, Model 10, manual £42-0-0 1965 Annotated brochure.
Contex 10-key, Model 20, semi-automatic £89-10-0 1963 Annotated brochure.
Contex 10-key, Model 30, semi-automatic £98-10-0 1965 Annotated brochure.
Facit Model C1-19, manual, high capacity £105-3-0 1958 Price ticket on display.
Facit Model CA2-16, fully-automatic £465-0-0 1963 Annotated brochure.
Madas 20L, semi-automatic £258-15-7 1950 Agent's price list.
Madas 20AZV, fully-automatic £417-12-3 1950 Agent's price list.
Madas 20ATZ, fully-automatic, with triplex carriage (link shows later 20ATG) £550-12-10 1950 Agent's price list.
Madas 20BTZR, fully automatic, with triplex carriage, top of range (link shows similar 20BTG) $1188 c.1966 Annotated brochure.
Marchant Figurematic, fully automatic £476-0-0 1954 Sales quotation.
Marchant 8DCR, semi-automatic £260-0-0 1958 Annotated brochure.
Olivetti Prima 20, 10-key manual add-list machine, sterling currrency £59-15-0 c.1960 Annotated brochure.
Solo Handy Adding Machine, small rotary adder, decimal currrency $7.95 9 Nov 1972 Original invoice.
Speedee Add-a-Matic, half-keyboard adder, decimal currrency $19.95 c.1970 Original invoice.
Walther Comptess S33, 10-key electric add-list machine $185 1971 Agent's price list.
Electronic calculators Price Year Source
Casio 101 $1670 1966 Former Casio agent.
Canon Canola L121 $196 1971 Annotated brochure.
HP-35 scientific $266 1973 Annotated brochure.
HP-45 outfit in hard case $350 1974 Original invoice.
HP-25 programmable $179 1975 Magazine review.
HP-67 programmable $495 1977 Original invoice.
HP-71B pocket calculator/computer $901 1985 Price ticket on original box.

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